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middle east. we know the regime has used the weapons, multiple times this year and used them on a mauler scale, but still used them against its own people including not very far from last wednesday's attack has happen. we know that the regime was specifically determined to rid the damascus suburbs of the opposition and it was frustrated that it hadn't succeeded in doing so. three days before the attack chemical weapons personnel were on the ground in the area making preparations and we know that the syrian regime elements were told to prepare for the attack by putting on gas masks and taking precautions associated with chemical weapons. we know they were specific instructions. we know where the rockets were launched from. and at what time, we know where they landed. and when. we know rockets came only from regime controlled areas and went only to opposition controlled or contested neighborhoods. and we know as does the world, that just 90 minutes later all hell broke loose in the social media with our own eyes we have seen the thousands of reports from 11 separate sites in the damascus s
space. >> no. >> and thanks for joining us today. >> good to so you. we wish you a good day. america lives starts right now. bye-bye. and we begin with a fox news alert out of washington, where we do expect to be briefed by the state department on the crisis in syria and what is a growing indication that world powers are ready to act to stop the blood shed. welcome to america live. president obama is keeping in close contact with our allies to determine the next step. the united nations acknowledged some coined of substance was used in last week's attack. the u.s. is prepared to act and moving four navy destroyers in the region. each is capable of caring 90 tomahawk missiles and they have nuclear powered submarines at its disposal. and un inspectors were able to get to the site for a second time. earlier this month they were shot at while they were trying to do their job. this comes as a suspected chemical weapon's attack killed hundreds of people. families were woiped out. in the midst of all of the sorrow, a story of hope. a father was reunited with a son he thought was ki
welcome you interesting. >> come to the super bowl. >> used to be warm but making an exception. >> we'll see. >> thanks for joining us, america live starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. we are just getting word that american war ships are on the move as the obama administration comes under increasing pressure for military intervention for syria i am shannon in for megyn kelliy. secretary of state kelly will be making a statement at 2 o'clock p.m. eastern and the white house briefing will be pushed back to cover the news on syria united nation's inspectors were shot at going to the site of the last week's chemical attack. the inspectors were trying to do the work walking through the town and speaking with survivors and taking samples from victims. there are many. these photos tell the story. the bodies of dozens of innocent children laid out and covered with she'ds. hundreds of people are believed to have died in the attack. men, women and children, an estimated 100,000 people have died since the start of the conflict. the obama administration has possessione
and the administration's continued use of the controversial talking point. i am jamie colby. >> and i am greg jarret. >> they are focusing on law makers wasting time and attention on phony scandal instead of the people's work. >> to often over the past two years, washington took its eye off of the ball. they have allowed political postural and phony scandal to distract from our economy and growing middle-class. >> fox news poll find that people do not agree with the president. the interest in the benghazi terrorist attack is anything but phony and not phony to voters, nsa snooping on americans. and the justice department seizing telephone records and irs targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. host of power play on fox news live. chris, you have written your insightful and provocative column today. it is entitled phony? balonnie. reporters are going to ask him about that phrase, right? >> oh, sure. this is where the rubber meets the rod. it is 100 since the president did a full press conference, in the end of april and it has been a hundred days and all of those scandals have grown, in cas
. and get back to nature. that's what camping is about. thanks for joining us. america live starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the world reacting to horrifying reports of a chemical weapon's attack in syria. claims that hundreds of people may have been killed or injured. welcome to america live. i am shannon green in for megyn kelliy. the white house holding a briefing saying it is deeply concerned about the reports. they have a emergency meeting of the security council less than two hours from now. the syrian regime denied that it is using chemical weapons, but the opposition released a video. we have to warn you a head of this this may be tough for viewers to walk. it is limp people carried in a hospital. and it is a blood loss and cut through this. and we can't independently confirm the video and it is way too disturbing and including images of toddlers and possibly dead children and lifeless bodies lined up on the floor and hearing eyewitness accounts of people foaming in the mouth and convulsing. leland viters has the latest on this. >> hi, shannon, late tonight upward
be with again. >> thanks for joining us america lives starts right now. nstarting with a fox news alert. dozens of employees have been air lifted in yemen. there was a decision to evacuate and growing concerns over extremely high security threat level. welcome everyone to america live. i am jamie colby. >> and i am gregg jarret. we are in for megyn kelliy. the state department is urging all american citizens to get out and leave the country. intelligence officials have increased chatter about an imminent attack in and around the araban peninsula where a dangerous al-qaeda have set up shop. the british government also shut down their own embassy in yemen followed six days of increased u.s. drone strikes due to the threat that prompted the closure of 19 u.s. embassy and consulates in the middle east and africa. wendall joins us. >> the latest drone strike occurred when four suspected members of al-qaeda were killed in the car they were riding in. shortly after that attack the state department announced the u.s. embassy was evacuated and appears more than nonessential personnel was f
bombs. gen joins us with the latest. >> chairman of the joint chiefs arrived at the state department for a working lunch with secretary of state john kerry. in the top of the agenda will be a discussion of the current threat to embassy security in north africa and the middle east. the decision to close 19 u.s. embassies and consulates from libya to bangladesh through the end of ramma dan and three- day eat holiday is unusual but according to u.s. forces, so is the amount of chatter and intercepts which law makers say is compromise after the eve of 9/11. >> they attacked our consulate and killed our ambassador. they are stronger and we are weaker. >> it will likely to happen in the embassy. it could be in europe or in the united states or combined attacks. >> even the administration's toughest critic congressman pete king said it is not a smoke screen to help the nsa. >> we critize them for doing too little and now critize for too much. the worldwide alert is warranted in this situation. >> last week the al-qaeda leader called for attacks. the second 14 minute tape was posted on the i
on the situation later today. recently as two daysing on, it appeared that the u.s. and allies were ready to act at and moment. but today world powers are walking back suggesting that a military strike is imminent. british prime minister cameron said it is unthinkable to support a strike if there is strong opposition in the un. they argue that the political solution can only happen if there is a stop in the escalation of violence. israel is bracing for a worst- case scenario. they are deployed to maintain order as this happeneds of people get gas masks and protective kits. israel called up reservist and deployed missile defense bat row with syria and iran striking for any western military action. reporting live from the mideast bureau. hello, leland. >> there is growing fores that the longer the war of words goes on the worse the war will be. especially as iran and syria are making threats that they may have to live up to in terms of a regional war. and russia is sending ships to the med teranea n sea. the un inspectors are looking for another inspection. we are told they are going to wrap up th
are on heightened alert and actions are taken to protect personnel. joining us next on this michael kay. thank you for your time. this seems like not your average warning. al-qaeda the notion of their mo. we don't know what the threat is or where it is coming from. as you alluded to in your program, the vastness of the area that is on heightened alert is significant. and something that is curious a lot of those embassies and consulate have operated in a fragile security environment. the last four months in baghdad have seen serious violence. heightened violence, which is increased and been a lot larger than what it has seen over the past now years and yet i am curious to understand just exactly what the threat is as the days and hours move on. >> well, we have not only the worldwide travel alert. we have diplomatic places that are closed on sunday. that sounds like they have a very specific threat. and law makers have been briefed on this and support the movement and there is very specific information. how often do we get that. a lot of times the government will take action. it sounds like they pi
in the againing of july from u.s. army posts from all over the world and they serve in a range of position, staff for command on installations where they are a signed. the panel is not sequestered and clearly in all cases they are instructed not to read anything about the high profile case or watch news reports about it or speak with anyone about their involvement. now deliberations lasted three and half-hours yesterday and they have been in there today for three hours exactly and reviewing more than 700 pieces of evidence and testimony from 90 witnesses called by the prosecution and meticulously going through the long list of 45 charges. we are talking about 13 counts of pre-mediated murder and 32 count was attempted murder and there are lesser included offenses mixed in and in order for the be on the panel that death penalty must bean maninous. and on two, it looks in the deal of the deth penalty. to get a guilty verdict, they only need two-thirds majority vote and nine of the 13 panel members. we are on stand by and could have a verdict here and they may want a bite to eat. we are on
. it could involve the c- launched cruise missiles on target and the u.s. had four navy destroyers in the area and each up to carrying 90 tomahawk missiles. it is near damascus. and the un citing security reasons. snipers attacked the convoy and left bullet holes in one of the vehicles and furnishly no one was hurt and all of this comes as we learn more about last wednesday's attack and the warning is the next week's video is tough to watch. thousands of sick and dying flooded the hospitals there and mouths were foaming and many of them could not breathe. doctors worked frantically trying to get patients antidote and within a few hours they ran out. doctors describe the scone it was like something out of an horror movie. the doting toll is at 355. leland viter is reporting out of the mideast bureau. >> the war drones are louder and louder. they believe that the syrian regime used chemical weapons and stopped short of calling for unlateral military action and thought that it should go to the united nation. syria is only left with russia and iran. syria said show us prove of chemical
player. >> he's got the ball. >> that astroturf. >> thank you for joining us everybody. america live starts right now. >> bye bye. >>> woe begin with a fox news alert. brand new fox news poll numbers to talk about today. americans appear to be tuning out the president's message on fixing the economy. welcome to "america live" everyone. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. weekly applications for unemployment rise. the four-week average has fallen to the lowest level in almost six years. we'll break down all of those numbers, including the fine print for you. this comes in the middle of the series of campaign-style features that president obama has been making across the country. selling his economic plan and calling republicans in congress the obstacles to true progress. >> now, unfortunately for the last year or so, we've had an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals that shift focus away from what do we need to do to shore up middle class families and create ladders of opportunity for folks to get in the middle class? and as washington hea
>> keep it coming. >> thanks for joining us everybody, america lives starts right now. bye-bye. >> fox news alert. court martial of the a cowed fort hod gunman taking a bizarre turn. the judge pulled the plug on the proceedings because of the unusual request from the defense. i am allison cameota in for megyn kelliy. major nidal hassan opened up the statement. hassan did not ask a single question. but it is what we are hearing today that has experts completely confused about hassan's defense. reporting for fort hood texas, is casy. >> allison, good to so you. no one expected this. the court martial was running a head of schedule. and now come to a grinning halt. everyone was dismissed from court and ordered to be back here at 10 o'clock eastern tomorrow morning. let me walk you through what happened. it is convuulated. the judge said the defense foiled a motion this morning to basically no longer work for major hassan if he is trying to get the death.. remember the history. hassan decided he would represent himself and his lawyers were put on stand by to help him where nee
for joining us. >> america live starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. a crucial u.s. ally in the middle east spiralling out of control as we learned disturbing details of how egyptians are using the chaos as a cover to attack christian community ands burning churches and looting businesses in what looks like hate on a vulnerable minority group. the violence spread far beyond the capitol city with a dozen coptic christian churches coming under attack and set on fire and government buildings in a deadly assault. charred remains of mosque and personal rebongings and cars and the aftermath of all that remained after government security forces moved against supporters of the muslim brotherhood and former president morsi. it is a warning that the next piece of video is tough to watch. grieving families gather in a careio mosque where body after body is laid out on the floor for more to so. first reporting live from the mideast bureau is leland. leland, is the violence and angeroisealated against the army? >> absolutely not ally. we have reports of 20 or so church burnings in egy
the judge blocked key evidence and presented prosecutors saying they could not use key witnesses they wanted to and explain the motive behind the attack. major nidal hasan is a cowed of killing 13 and wounding 30 others in fort. >> good to see you. interesting turn of events today. one of the final steps of the prosecution and from the prosecution's side was to dwelve in major hasan radicalization and the power point presentation he put together two years on the attacks that focused on suicide bombings and muslims fighting. the judge said it was to remote in time and may be interpreted in different ways. she ruled that the prosecuting attorneys could not introduce evidence of e-mail exchanges between hassan and a l- a la wki to avoid confusion between motive and defense of others. she rowelled that hassan could not use defense of other in the strategy. but the judge osborne allowed web searches to remain in. evidence that hasan looked for things on the internet as jihad. it is considered a blow to the family victims. but military analyst say that the prosecution still has plenty to secure a
tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us, america live starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. reports of new attacks in the damascus suburbs one day after a reported chemical weapons attack against citizens that killed dozens of children. we are awaiting new reaction from the state department on the latest violence gripping syria. united nation's times are on the grouped but unclear if they will be allowed in the chemical weapons attack site. making it empossible to confirm what is going on. however, video posted on line syria paps a horr foying picture of the situation on the ground. we warn you that the images that are difficult to look at. body after body, motionless. if these images werept blurred, they have young faces. they appear to be sleeping and the doctor said they are not. elsewhere body bags line the streets and obviously belong to little children and bodies are made ready for burial. those who are surviving are reaching out for comfort. and others are trying to attend them. none of the victims have outward cipes of traum or cuts or bleeding. again at this point
help. >> support. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america live" starts right now. >>> we start with a fox news alert on a rapid escalating crisis at in the hour in egypt. the current vice president just resigning a short time ago in protest over the deadly chaos that is seemingly spinning out of control there now as we start brand new hour of "america live." we are learning that there are bodies being carried through the streets after the egyptian military launched an early morning crackdown against the supporters of the muslim brotherhood and ousted president mohamed morsi. straight battles raging ever since for more than 12 hours now. security forces firing tear gas canisters into the crowd sweeping in then with bulldozers to clear out the camps or sit-ins that have been inhabited by so many people over the last several weeks. there are reports of 200 people dead. the numbers are all over the place in this and we caution you about that. under the cover of all of the fighting we're getting reports that churches are being torched and that christians are being targeted by the mu
more thans said they authorized the use of live ammunition and have folks foured on if they approach police station and army and any type of security station. in cairo, the army is moving in tanks and a lot of ba rbed wires up and trying to restrict these people. greg? >> leland viter live in the mideast bureau. thanks. >> last footage shot by mike dean photographer for sky news, he was shot and killed in the first hours of the government's crack down, risking his life to show the world the battle for egypt. take a look at this. some of the dramatic picture. soldiers in riot gear advancing on protestors as they started the assault. gunfire crack leling through the streets. (gunfire) government forces unleashing an attack on morsi supporters and members of the muslim brotherhood putting down any challenge to their authority. he captured the voices caught in the line of fire. the morsi supporter venting his rage in the military. >> this is the killing us and we need to tell them we will not turn back. people want revolution and we will not stop until we turn back our president. and peo
anywhere will be held responsible for the deaths of the ambassador and three americans. joining us radio talk she host guy benson. guy, welcome. your reaction for the news? the secretary of state kerry said the four are ready to return. >> it is an eyebrow raiser to say the least in regard to the benghazi saga investigation. the only four people held responsible in any shape or form by the u.s. government for what happened that night, they have all been cleared and given reprieves and as of today reinstated on the job. you will remember that secretary clinton used the a rb, the administrative review board internal report from the administration to come down with the disciplinary action eight months ago. secretary kerry reviewed the review, and decided that these people don't merit further sanctions and they have received paychecks the entire time and they are now back on the job including one woman named charlene lamb. viewers remember during the testimony before the house oversight committee about the raid she said under oath, the u.s. had "the correct number of security assets on
of this was organized. the use of deception and use of chains and other means to hold captive three young women and ultimately a young child. there was a certain strategy involved and the connection between these individuals was the fact that they were all friends with one or more of your daughters or son and that was your entry and how this evolved. you indicated you had to do this because you suffer from sex addiction. but at the same time that this plan was going in the operation, you had a girlfriend who was not harmed or abused. you had an outwardly normal relationship. and you are able to choose who you wish to victimize. there is serious physical harm. miss knight suffered on many occasions according to the information. and the others were as well as showing signs of ma lnourishment and serious psychological harm and she touched upon the captivity issue. and also heard information about medical care and how they didn't want to come out of the house because at that point, two of the women were almost programmed to stay there. not because they wanted to, but because they were afraid of the
all you have to say about the topic. >> that's it for us. america live with martha begins right now. >> fox news alert. just months in president obama's second term and guess what, attention is turning to iowa, to the 2016 presidential field if you can believe it. we have several political hitters who made moves as possible presidential candidate. welcome to america live i am markka mccowen in for megyn kelliy. >> hillary clinton is giving a speech later today as she gets a lot of early attention as the democratic front runner in 2016, vice-president boyd boyd making waves out there. he accepted an invite to speak in iowa next month. texas senator ted cruz and rick sanatorium and danald trump hit up the iowa state fair this weekend. boy, oh, boy, joining us is mr. chris stalwart. what dow make of all of this. >> you make it sound like it is my fault. i didn't do. this i am not making them run for office. this is the world we live in today. you want to run for the highest office in the land, it never ends and never stops and the permanent campaign is an understatement and if you want
hockey, i guess. >> i don't think they let you have rings in priceon. >> thank you for joining us. america live starts right now. >> starting with the fox news alert. a big opening blast on what is described as the potential coming war over who gets to vote. welcome everybody to america live and so there are debates breaking out over how our elections should be held and what rules will be in place when it comes to voting. the issue erupted after the supreme court went down and that gave a bit more power to set their own rules on these things and that ruling sparked protest and drew sharp criticism from the justice department and former secretary of state addressed the issue at an event that many will be a 2016 presidential run for her. >> we have seen a sweeping effort in our country to obstruct new obstacles to voting. under cover and addressing election fraud. in 2013, so far, more than 80 bills restricting voting rights are introduced in 31 states. not every obstacle is to race. but those who say racial is not a problem in the election must not be paying attention. >> that is f
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)